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Plato, Ion, 530b

nanSoc. Well done: so now, mind that we win too at the Panathenaea. Ion. Why, so we shall, God willing. Soc. I must say I have often envied you rhapsodes, Ion, for your art: for besides that it is fitting to your art that your person should be adorned and that you should look as handsome as possible, the necessity of being conversant with a number of good poets, and especially with Homer, the best and divinest poet of all, and of apprehending

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subject book bibliographic info
aristophanes Legaspi (2018) 114
brague,remi Legaspi (2018) 114
homer Legaspi (2018) 114
knowledge Legaspi (2018) 114
poets' Legaspi (2018) 114
socrates Legaspi (2018) 114