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Plato, Alcibiades Ii, 150c

nanwhile supposing it to be good? Alc. I do. Soc. You see, then, how unsafe it is for you to approach the god with your prayers, for it may chance that when he hears your irreverent speech he will reject your sacrifice altogether, and you may perhaps be accorded some other bad thing as well. In my opinion, therefore, it is best to hold your peace: for I expect you will not consent to use the Spartan’s prayer, you have such a romantic spirit—to give it the fairest of folly’s names.

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charis,as human-god relationship Mikalson (2010) 61
charis,from dedications Mikalson (2010) 61
comedy,criticisms of Mikalson (2010) 61
dionysus,festivals of Mikalson (2010) 61
good speech,and lies about gods Mikalson (2010) 61
good speech,at sacrifices Mikalson (2010) 61
good speech,in prayer Mikalson (2010) 61
good speech Mikalson (2010) 61
honouring the gods,and charis Mikalson (2010) 61
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sacrifices,and festivals Mikalson (2010) 61
sacrifices,at athens Mikalson (2010) 61
sacrifices,expensive Mikalson (2010) 61
sacrifices,private Mikalson (2010) 61
sacrifices Mikalson (2010) 61
scythians Mikalson (2010) 61
service to gods'" Mikalson (2010) 61
spartans,prayers of Mikalson (2010) 61
spartans,sacrifices of Mikalson (2010) 61
tragedy,criticisms of Mikalson (2010) 61