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Plato, Alcibiades Ii, 148d

nanIt rests with the gods, I conceive, to give us either what we may pray for or the reverse. And I would like to give you an account of something else, which I once heard from some of my seniors. A quarrel having arisen between the Athenians and the Spartans, it befell our city to be always unsuccessful in every battle by land and sea, and she could never win a victory. So the Athenians, in their annoyance at this result, and at a loss for some means of finding a deliverance from the trouble they were in

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ammon Mikalson (2010) 49
dedications Mikalson (2010) 49
festivals,in athens Mikalson (2010) 49
good speech,in prayer' Mikalson (2010) 49
good speech Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers,and good speech Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers,and justice Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers,objects of Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers,proper Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers,pythagoras on Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers,to zeus Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers Mikalson (2010) 49
pythagoras and pythagoreans,on prayer Mikalson (2010) 49
spartans,prayers of Mikalson (2010) 49
spartans Mikalson (2010) 49
zeus Mikalson (2010) 49