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Plato, Alcibiades Ii, 148b

nanwhen it is really a case for great caution lest one pray unawares for what is evil while thinking it to be one’s good, and then after a little while, as you were saying, one change one’s tune and retract all one’s former prayers. Soc. And did not the poet whom I quoted at the beginning of our discussion know more than we, when he bade us pray for the averting of what is grievous, even though we pray for it? Alc. I think so. Soc. Then it is their admiration of this poet, Alcibiades

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ammon Mikalson (2010) 49
dedications Mikalson (2010) 49
festivals,in athens Mikalson (2010) 49
good speech,in prayer' Mikalson (2010) 49
good speech Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers,and good speech Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers,and justice Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers,objects of Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers,proper Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers,pythagoras on Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers,to zeus Mikalson (2010) 49
prayers Mikalson (2010) 49
pythagoras and pythagoreans,on prayer Mikalson (2010) 49
spartans,prayers of Mikalson (2010) 49
spartans Mikalson (2010) 49
zeus Mikalson (2010) 49