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Plato, Alcibiades Ii, 143c

nanunless we can add that it is ignorance of certain things, and is a good to certain persons in certain conditions, as to those others it is an evil. Alc. How do you mean? Can there be anything of which it is better for anybody, in any condition whatsoever, to be ignorant than cognizant? Soc. I believe so; and do not you? Alc. No, indeed, upon my word. Soc. But surely I shall not have to tax you with an inclination to commit such an act against your own mother as Orestes and Alcmaeon

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atreids Jouanna (2018) 667
euripides,works of Jouanna (2018) 667
labdacids Jouanna (2018) 667
myths,and the spectators' Jouanna (2018) 667
pelopids Jouanna (2018) 667