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Plato, Alcibiades Ii, 143a

nanKing Zeus, give unto us what is good, whether we pray or pray not; But what is grievous, even if we pray for it, do thou avert. Anth. Pal. 10.108. Soc. So then, to my mind the poet spoke well and soundly; but if you have thought of an answer to his words, do not be silent. Alc. It is difficult, Socrates, to gainsay what has been well spoken: one thing, however, I do observe —how many evils are caused to men by ignorance, when, as it seems, we are beguiled by her not only into doing

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1. Porphyry, Letter To Marcella, 24 (3rd cent. CE - 4th cent. CE)

24. No god is responsible for a man's evils, for he has chosen his lot himself. The prayer which is accompanied by base actions is impure, and |45 therefore not acceptable to God; but that which is accompanied by noble actions is pure, and at the same time acceptable. There are four first principles that must be upheld concerning God—faith, truth, love, hope. We must have faith that our only salvation is in turning to God. And having faith, we must strive with all our might to know the truth about God. And when we know this, we must love Him we do know. And when we love Him we must nourish our souls on good hopes for our life, for it is by their good hopes good men are superior to bad ones. Let then these four principles be firmly held.

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aristotle,on prayers Mikalson (2010) 48
beauty,as object of prayer Mikalson (2010) 48
body Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
fortune (chance) Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
jackson,b.-d. Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
justice Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
oedipus Mikalson (2010) 48
offering Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
pan Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
plato Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
porphyry Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
prayer,criticism of Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
prayer,petitionary Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
prayer,usefulness of Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
prayers,aristotle on Mikalson (2010) 48
prayers,criticisms of Mikalson (2010) 48
prayers,objects of Mikalson (2010) 48
prayers,proper Mikalson (2010) 48
prayers,pythagoras on Mikalson (2010) 48
prayers Mikalson (2010) 48
pythagoras and pythagoreans,on prayer Mikalson (2010) 48
pythagorean,pythagoreanism Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
sacrifice Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
socrates Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
soul,virtues of the Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
strength of body,as object of prayer Mikalson (2010) 48
union (mystical),virtue Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
wealth,as object of prayer' Mikalson (2010) 48
wisdom Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34
zeus Dillon and Timotin (2015) 34