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Plato, Alcibiades Ii, 141e

nanwith the expectation of being not only the monarch, but also a happy man: but after holding the monarchy for three or four days he was plotted against by others in his turn, and perished. Soc. You have only to look at some of our own citizens—and these are examples that we know, not by hearsay, but by personal observation—who in their time have desired to hold military command

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antiochus,iv,persecution Bickerman and Tropper (2007) 309
antiochus,iv Bickerman and Tropper (2007) 309
athens Bickerman and Tropper (2007) 309
plato Bickerman and Tropper (2007) 309
seleucids,privileges granted jews Bickerman and Tropper (2007) 309
socrates' Bickerman and Tropper (2007) 309