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Phrynichus, Sophistic Preperations, 85b

Intertexts (texts cited often on the same page as the searched text):

None available Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
anacreon Zanker (1996) 28
beard,carefully tended or well-trimmed beard' Zanker (1996) 28
bergemann,johannes Zanker (1996) 28
infibulation Zanker (1996) 28
kunodesme Zanker (1996) 28
mantle,draped over shoulder of nude torso Zanker (1996) 28
nudity,old age or old men,representation of Zanker (1996) 28
nudity Zanker (1996) 28
pericles Zanker (1996) 28
pindar Zanker (1996) 28
satyrs Zanker (1996) 28