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Philodemus Of Gadara, Rhetorica, col.48.36

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subject book bibliographic info
aristotle,aristotle mocking Sorabji (2000) 291
aristotle,catharsis Sorabji (2000) 291
aristotle,tragedy connotes grief,as well as pity and fear Sorabji (2000) 291
borges,jorge luis Sorabji (2000) 291
catharsis,catharsis of contempt Sorabji (2000) 291
catharsis,catharsis of grief Sorabji (2000) 291
catharsis,islamic misinterpretation Sorabji (2000) 291
catharsis Sorabji (2000) 291
comedy,connotes sense of superiority Sorabji (2000) 291
distress,connotes catharsis in tragedy Sorabji (2000) 291
drama Sorabji (2000) 291
laughter,laughter at self only for boors Sorabji (2000) 291
lucas,d. w. Sorabji (2000) 291
pity,in catharsis Sorabji (2000) 291
plato,including fearful emotions of pity and grief Sorabji (2000) 291
tragedy,connotes grief as well as pity and fear Sorabji (2000) 291
zeno of citium,stoic,hence different conception of freedom from emotion(apatheia)' Sorabji (2000) 291