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Philo Of Alexandria, Hypothetica, 7.8

nanThat no one shall apply a false balance, or an inadequate measure, or bad money. That no one shall tell the secrets of his friends in a foreign land. Where, in God's name, are these yokes of oxen of ours gone? And look also at other commandments besides these. It is ordained, that no one shall fix the residence of the parents apart from that of the children, not even if they are prisoners of war; nor that of a wife from that of her husband, even though a man may be her master, having purchased her lawfully.

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abraham Corley (2002) 53
adversity Corley (2002) 53
claudius,roman emperor,expulsion of jews from rome by' Feldman (2006) 325
enemies Corley (2002) 53
faithfulness Corley (2002) 53
hospitality Corley (2002) 53
jesus Corley (2002) 53
parallelism Corley (2002) 53
quarreling Corley (2002) 53
secrets/confidences,keeping/betraying Corley (2002) 53
shame Corley (2002) 53
travel Corley (2002) 53
trust (between friends) Corley (2002) 53
wordplay Corley (2002) 53