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Philo Of Alexandria, Hypothetica, 7.1

nanNow, is there anything among that people resembling these circumstances, anything which appears to be of a mild and gentle character, and which admits of invocations of justice, and pleas, and delays, and of assessments of damages, and on the other hand of counter assessments? Not a word, but every thing is simple, plain, and straightforward. If you indulge in illicit connexions, if you commit adultery, if you do violence to a child (for do not speak of doing so to a boy, but even to a female child); and in like manner, if you prostitute yourself, if you suffer any thing disgraceful contrary to what becomes your age, or appear to do so, or are about to do so, death is the penalty for such wickedness.

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adultery,jewish Hubbard (2014) 542, 543
eros (sexual desire),condemnation of Hubbard (2014) 543
law,jewish Hubbard (2014) 542, 543
pederasty,and judaism Hubbard (2014) 542
slavery,hairstyles' Hubbard (2014) 543
sodom and gomorrah (biblical myth) Hubbard (2014) 543