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Philo Of Alexandria, Hypothetica, 6.8

nanAnd if they met with respectful treatment and honour from them, how can we deny that they surpassed all other men in good fortune? And what shall we say after this in the second place, or in the third place? Shall we speak of their admirable code of laws, of their obedience, or of their devotion, and justice, and holiness, and piety? But in truth they looked upon that man, whoever he was, who gave them these laws, with such excessive admiration and veneration, that whatever he approved of they immediately thought best also.

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subject book bibliographic info
authority,scripture Najman (2010) 97
divine,torah/law Najman (2010) 97
divine Najman (2010) 97
heavens Najman (2010) 97
law,ensouled law Najman (2010) 97
law,mosaic (law of moses) Najman (2010) 97
law,natural Najman (2010) 97
law,revealed Najman (2010) 97
law,universal' Najman (2010) 97
moses Najman (2010) 97
philo of alexandria,law of moses Najman (2010) 97
revelation Najman (2010) 97
writing,authoritative Najman (2010) 97
writing,sacred Najman (2010) 97