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Papyri, P.Paris, 19

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subject book bibliographic info
asklepios,worship in egypt Renberg (2017) 425
athenodoros dipinto as aretalogy,imouthes aretalogy Renberg (2017) 425
cleopatra i Renberg (2017) 425
deir el-bahari,sanctuary of amenhotep and imhotep,imhotep worshiped as asklepios by greek visitors Renberg (2017) 425
deir el-bahari,sanctuary of amenhotep and imhotep,presence of hygieia Renberg (2017) 425
djoser (pharaoh),dream in famine stele Renberg (2017) 425
hermetism,horoscopal text with hermes and asklepios Renberg (2017) 425
hygieia,and imhotep Renberg (2017) 425
hymns (inscribed),hymn to asklepios at deir el-bahari Renberg (2017) 425
imhotep,as healing god Renberg (2017) 425
imhotep,at philae Renberg (2017) 425
imhotep,historical career Renberg (2017) 425
imhotep,identified with (and distinct from) asklepios Renberg (2017) 425
imhotep,imouthes (greek rendering of imhotep) Renberg (2017) 425
imhotep Renberg (2017) 425
memphis,cult of imhotep/asklepios Renberg (2017) 425
philae,temple of asklepios/imhotep Renberg (2017) 425
ptolemy,and philae temple of asklepios Renberg (2017) 425
saqqâra (general) Renberg (2017) 425
saqqâra (individual structures and complexes),asklepieion/temple of imhotep' Renberg (2017) 425