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Papyri, P.Lond.Copt. London., 329

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subject book bibliographic info
antinoopolis,anatomical dedications in area of kollouthos church Renberg (2017) 774
cult personnel (christian),patēr Renberg (2017) 774
dedicatory objects,anatomical (christian) Renberg (2017) 774
divination (christian),gospel of the lots of mary Renberg (2017) 774
divination (christian),sortes sanctorum Renberg (2017) 774
divination (christian),ticket oracles Renberg (2017) 774
dream interpreters/interpretation (christian),patēr at kollouthos church Renberg (2017) 774
dreams (in late antique and medieval christian literature),anon.,[kollouthos in untitled coptic miracle tales Renberg (2017) 774
incubation (christian),egyptian saints and incubation Renberg (2017) 774
incubation (christian),unintentional incubation Renberg (2017) 774
incubation (christian) Renberg (2017) 774
kollouthos (saint),claim of incubation at antinoopolis church (kôm Renberg (2017) 774
kollouthos (saint),dream interpretation by churchs patēr(?) Renberg (2017) 774
kollouthos (saint),miracle tales associated with incubation at antinoopolis Renberg (2017) 774
kollouthos (saint),sortes texts discovered at antinoopolis church Renberg (2017) 774
kollouthos (saint),ticket oracles at antinoopolis Renberg (2017) 774
kollouthos (saint) Renberg (2017) 774
religion (christian),anatomical dedications Renberg (2017) 774
saints,victor stratelates' Renberg (2017) 774