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Papyri, P.Count, 53

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subject book bibliographic info
book of the temple Renberg (2017) 724
cult personnel (egyptian and greco-egyptian),wab-priest Renberg (2017) 724
divinities (egyptian and greco-egyptian),bastet Renberg (2017) 724
divinities (egyptian and greco-egyptian),khnum Renberg (2017) 724
dream interpreters/interpretation (egypt) Renberg (2017) 724
gnomon of the idios logos,private commissions for pastophoroi permissible Renberg (2017) 724
ḥor of sebennytos,and isis Renberg (2017) 724
ḥor of sebennytos,and ptolemies Renberg (2017) 724
ḥor of sebennytos,and thoth Renberg (2017) 724
ḥor of sebennytos,as dream interpreter Renberg (2017) 724
ḥor of sebennytos,as gate-keeper/pastophoros Renberg (2017) 724
imhotep,unidentified temple in theban area Renberg (2017) 724
lykopolis Renberg (2017) 724
pastophoroi (egyptian cult officials),and dream interpretation Renberg (2017) 724
pastophoroi (egyptian cult officials),earning private commissions Renberg (2017) 724
pastophoroi (egyptian cult officials),periods of service and sizes of staffs Renberg (2017) 724
ptolemaic dynasty,and of ḥor of sebennytos Renberg (2017) 724
saqqâra (general),pastophoroi/gate-keepers Renberg (2017) 724
saqqâra (individual structures and complexes),sacred animal necropolis Renberg (2017) 724
thebes (egypt),unidentified imhotep temple Renberg (2017) 724
thoth,and ibis cult at saqqâra' Renberg (2017) 724