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Papyri, P.Brit.Mus., 10335

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subject book bibliographic info
divination (egyptian and greco-egyptian),königsorakel Renberg (2017) 596
divination (egyptian and greco-egyptian),motion/movement oracles Renberg (2017) 596
divinities (egyptian and greco-egyptian),amenhotep i (divinized pharaoh) Renberg (2017) 596
divinities (egyptian and greco-egyptian),khnum Renberg (2017) 596
hatshepsut (pharaoh),oracle recorded on punt portico Renberg (2017) 596
oracles (egyptian),deir el-medîna,oracle of amenhotep i Renberg (2017) 596
voice-oracles (egyptian),associated with oracle of the lamb Renberg (2017) 596
voice-oracles (egyptian),claimed for siwa ammoneion Renberg (2017) 596
voice-oracles (egyptian),speaking statues' Renberg (2017) 596
voice-oracles (egyptian) Renberg (2017) 596