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Papyri, P.Brit.Mus., 10238

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subject book bibliographic info
divination (egyptian and greco-egyptian),oracle questions Renberg (2017) 416
divination (egyptian and greco-egyptian),scarab beetle and human dung-ball oracle Renberg (2017) 416
divinities (egyptian and greco-egyptian),apis Renberg (2017) 416
divinities (egyptian and greco-egyptian),ptah Renberg (2017) 416
ḥor of sebennytos,and incubation Renberg (2017) 416
ḥor of sebennytos,dreams Renberg (2017) 416
incubation (egyptian and greco-egyptian),by cult personnel in of f-limits areas Renberg (2017) 416
isis,at saqqâra Renberg (2017) 416
memphis,apis oracles Renberg (2017) 416
memphis,temple of ptah Renberg (2017) 416
mnevis,similarities with apis Renberg (2017) 416
oracles (egyptian),memphis,oracle of apis Renberg (2017) 416
oracles (egyptian),saqqâra,oracle(s?) of osorapis and isis Renberg (2017) 416
osorapis/sarapis (at saqqâra),and cretan dream interpreter and dreams Renberg (2017) 416
osorapis/sarapis (at saqqâra),as oracular god Renberg (2017) 416
osorapis/sarapis (at saqqâra) Renberg (2017) 416
osormnevis,cult at saqqâra Renberg (2017) 416
osormnevis,ḥor of sebennytos incubation at heliopolis(?) Renberg (2017) 416
sacred animals (egyptian),scarab beetle and dung-ball oracle Renberg (2017) 416
saqqâra (general),oracle(s?) of osorapis and isis Renberg (2017) 416
saqqâra (general) Renberg (2017) 416
saqqâra (individual structures and complexes),catacombs/galleries Renberg (2017) 416
saqqâra (individual structures and complexes),sacred animal necropolis' Renberg (2017) 416