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Papyri, P.Brit.Mus., 10237

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subject book bibliographic info
cult personnel (egyptian and greco-egyptian),lector-priest/magician Renberg (2017) 721
cult personnel (egyptian and greco-egyptian),nakoros identified with gate-keepers Renberg (2017) 721
dream interpreters/interpretation (egypt),lector-priests/magicians and dream interpretation Renberg (2017) 721
dream interpreters/interpretation (egypt) Renberg (2017) 721
dreams (in egypt),nightmares Renberg (2017) 721
dreams (in egypt),saqqâra graffito with dream-narratives Renberg (2017) 721
dreams (in egyptian literature),life of imhotep (unpublished) Renberg (2017) 721
ḥor of sebennytos,consults lector-priest at alexandria Renberg (2017) 721
literary and sub-literary works (egypt,demotic,hieratic,hieroglyphic),life of imhotep (unpublished) Renberg (2017) 721
pastophoroi (egyptian cult officials),and dream interpretation Renberg (2017) 721
religion (egyptian and greco-egyptian),oracular consultations at temple gates Renberg (2017) 721
saqqâra (general),graffito with dream-narratives' Renberg (2017) 721