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Palestinian Talmud, Yevamot, 6.1, 7b

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subject book bibliographic info
betrothal,by purchase Monnickendam (2020) 116
betrothal,by writ Monnickendam (2020) 116
celibates,during betrothal Monnickendam (2020) 116
halakha,tannaitic vs. amoraic Monnickendam (2020) 116
matrimony,consent Monnickendam (2020) 116
matrimony,legal requirements Monnickendam (2020) 116
matrimony,levirate Monnickendam (2020) 116
matrimony,spiritual Monnickendam (2020) 116
sexual relations,irrelevance to marital status Monnickendam (2020) 116
sexual relations,levir' Monnickendam (2020) 116