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Origen, On Pascha, 12

Intertexts (texts cited often on the same page as the searched text):

2 results
1. Origen, On Pascha, 13 (3rd cent. CE - 3rd cent. CE)

2. Melito of Sardis, On Pascha, 35

Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
allegory,and typology Goldhill (2020) 130
conversion,typology Goldhill (2020) 130
exempla and typology,christianity,typology,and the hebrew bible' Goldhill (2022) 109
exempla and typology Goldhill (2022) 109
hebrew bible/old testament,christian typology of Goldhill (2022) 109
jewish culture,typologizing of hebrew bible Goldhill (2022) 109
melito of sardis,peri pascha Goldhill (2022) 109
passover,as a tupos of christianity Goldhill (2020) 130
time Goldhill (2022) 109
typology,biblical Goldhill (2020) 130