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Origen, Commentariorum Series In Evangelium Matthaei (Mt. 22.342763), 18

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subject book bibliographic info
dialectic,positive assessment and use of Boulluec (2022) 546
exegesis,in origen Boulluec (2022) 546
exegesis,literal Boulluec (2022) 546
gnosticism,heresiological reduction and simplification of Boulluec (2022) 546
heracleon (gnostic) Boulluec (2022) 546
origen,on gnosticism as heresy Boulluec (2022) 546
scripture,as weapon/criterion against heresy Boulluec (2022) 546
κατασκευή Boulluec (2022) 546
ἔλεγχος' Boulluec (2022) 546