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Nemesius, On The Nature Of Man, 2.7

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subject book bibliographic info
andronicus of rhodes,aristotelian,soul is either a bodily blend,or a capacity following the blend Sorabji (2000) 254
aristotle,soul is not an attunement Sorabji (2000) 254
aristoxenus,aristotelian,soul an attunement Sorabji (2000) 254
body,contribution of body to emotion and its therapy Sorabji (2000) 254
caston,victor Sorabji (2000) 254
dicaearchus,aristotelian,soul nothing but an attunement of hot,cold,fluid,dry Sorabji (2000) 254
emotions,per contra,aristotle,galen,emotions cannot be understood without physical basis Sorabji (2000) 254
galen,platonizing ecletic doctor,the mortal soul is that blend Sorabji (2000) 254
plato,for an attunement follows the physical conditions Sorabji (2000) 254
plato,the soul is not a blend,or attunement Sorabji (2000) 254
xenocrates,platonist,soul is a numerical ratio Sorabji (2000) 254
zeno of citium,stoic,hence different conception of freedom from emotion(apatheia)' Sorabji (2000) 254