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Nemesius, On The Nature Of Man, 19(SVF 3.416)

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subject book bibliographic info
apatheia,freedom from,eradication of,emotion (; for christians,esp. pity and love Sorabji (2000) 389
apatheia,freedom from,eradication of,emotion (; for philo,repentance and pity Sorabji (2000) 389
attention,prosokhē,prosekhein,attention to own thoughts and actions in stoic self-interrogation Sorabji (2000) 389
bonhöffer,adolf Sorabji (2000) 389
clement of alexandria,church father,but is oikeiōsis sterktikē Sorabji (2000) 389
clement of alexandria,church father,hope and love for god compatible with apatheia Sorabji (2000) 389
clement of alexandria,church father,this love makes apatheia possible Sorabji (2000) 389
climacus,christian ascetic,love for god bestows or is apatheia Sorabji (2000) 389
desire,distinguished p leasure and love,desire involves a lack Sorabji (2000) 389
diadochus,bishopof photice,love for god makes apatheia possible Sorabji (2000) 389
eupatheiai,equanimous states,aspasmos,agapēsis are eupatheiai in stoics Sorabji (2000) 389
evagrius,desert father,apatheia produces,and is produced by,love (agapē) Sorabji (2000) 389
indifferents,preferred and dispreferred Sorabji (2000) 389
love,love for god compatible with apatheia in clement and many christians,with various causal relations between the two Sorabji (2000) 389
love,parental love Sorabji (2000) 389
oikeiōsis,unity of mankind,oikeiōsis borrowed by clement of alexandria to describe love for god Sorabji (2000) 389
philo,clement of alexandria,basil Sorabji (2000) 389
philo of alexandria,jewish philosopher,pity valued and compatible with apatheia Sorabji (2000) 389
pity,in catharsis Sorabji (2000) 389
pity,pity rejected by stoics as pathos Sorabji (2000) 389
ps.-makarios (makarios,desert father,mentor of evagrius) ,love for god makes apatheia possible' Sorabji (2000) 389
ware,kallistos Sorabji (2000) 389
zeno of citium,stoic,hence different conception of freedom from emotion(apatheia) Sorabji (2000) 389