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Musonius Rufus, Dissertationum A Lucio Digestarum Reliquiae, 6

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1. Plato, Laws, None (5th cent. BCE - 4th cent. BCE)

841b. in consequence of this rare indulgence they would find it a less tyrannical mistress. Let them, therefore, regard privacy in such actions as honorable—sanctioned both by custom and by unwritten law; and want of privacy—yet not the entire avoidance of such actions—as dishonorable. Thus we shall have a second standard of what is honorable and shameful established by law and possessing a second degree of rectitude; and those people of depraved character, whom we describe as self-inferior, and who form a single kind, shall be hemmed in
2. Plato, Republic, None (5th cent. BCE - 4th cent. BCE)

423e. we are imposing upon them, but they are all easy, provided they guard, as the saying is, the one great thing—or instead of great let us call it sufficient. What is that? he said. Their education and nurture, I replied. For if a right education makes of them reasonable men they will easily discover everything of this kind—and other principles that we now pass over, as that the possession of wives and marriage
3. Musonius Rufus, Dissertationum A Lucio Digestarum Reliquiae, 12 (1st cent. CE - 1st cent. CE)

4. Evagrius Ponticus, Praktikos, 81, 58 (4th cent. CE - 4th cent. CE)

Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
abstinence Pinheiro et al (2015) 58
apatheia Pinheiro et al (2015) 58
asceticism,and celibacy Taylor (2012) 43
askesis Pinheiro et al (2015) 58
balsam (opobalsam) Taylor (2012) 43
celibacy,and essenes Taylor (2012) 43
cynics Taylor (2012) 43
date palms Taylor (2012) 43
hesuchia Pinheiro et al (2015) 58
madaba mosaic Taylor (2012) 43
musonius rufus Pinheiro et al (2015) 58; Taylor (2012) 43
peristasis catalogues Keener(2005) 188
philo of alexandria Taylor (2012) 43
philos essenes,and celibacy Taylor (2012) 43
philos essenes,and communality Taylor (2012) 43
philos essenes Taylor (2012) 43
philostratus Taylor (2012) 43
plato,ideal city Taylor (2012) 43
pythagoras Taylor (2012) 43
pythagoreans,apollonius of tyana Taylor (2012) 43
pythagoreans Taylor (2012) 43
rhetorical devices Keener(2005) 188
stoics,and the ascetic life Taylor (2012) 43
stoics Taylor (2012) 43
vegetarianism Pinheiro et al (2015) 58
wilmart,a. Pinheiro et al (2015) 58
wimbush,v. Pinheiro et al (2015) 58
women,and the essenes Taylor (2012) 43
women,as community of wives' Taylor (2012) 43
women,platos ideal city Taylor (2012) 43