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Mishnah, Zavim, 5.12

nanThe following disqualify terumah:One who eats foods with first degree uncleanness; Or one who eats food with second degree uncleanness; And who drinks unclean liquids. And the one who has immersed his head and the greater part of him in drawn water; And a clean person upon whose head and greater part of him there fell three logs of drawn water; And a scroll [of Holy Scriptures], And [unwashed] hands; And one that has had immersion that same day; And foods and vessels which have become defiled by liquids."

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subject book bibliographic info
authority,rabbinic Jaffee (2001) 94
authority,scribal Jaffee (2001) 94
authority,traditional Jaffee (2001) 94
divrei soferim Jaffee (2001) 94
halakhah,as modality of tradition Jaffee (2001) 94
narrative,orality,ideological formulations of Jaffee (2001) 94
scale disease Balberg (2014) 197
scribes,words of (divrei soferim) Jaffee (2001) 94
torah in the mouth/in script Jaffee (2001) 193
transmission and contraction of impurity,through carriage Balberg (2014) 197
transmission and contraction of impurity,through shift (heset) Balberg (2014) 197
transmission and contraction of impurity,through touch' Balberg (2014) 197