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Mishnah, Zavim, 3.2

nanIf they were both closing or opening [a door], [the clean person and his clothes are unclean]. But the sages say: [he is not unclean] unless one was shutting and the other opening [it]. If one was lifting the other out of a pit [the clean person and his clothes are unclean]. Rabbi Judah says: only if the clean person was pulling out the unclean one. If they were twisting ropes together [the clean person and his clothes are unclean]. But the sages say: unless the one pulled one way and the other pulled the other way. If they were both weaving together, whether they were standing or sitting, or grinding wheat, [the clean person and his clothes are unclean]. Rabbi Shimon says [the clean person] in every case is pure, except where they [both] were grinding with a hand-mill. If they [both] were unloading or loading a donkey, they are unclean if the load was heavy, but clean if the load was light. In all cases, however, they are clean for members of the synagogue, but are unclean for terumah."

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subject book bibliographic info
aelius aristides Levine (2005) 142
alexander severus (emperor) Levine (2005) 382
asclepius,communal meals Levine (2005) 142
asia minor,temple banquet areas Levine (2005) 142
banquet hall (andron) Levine (2005) 142
churches,communal meals Levine (2005) 142
hammat tiberias synagogue,basilical,mosaic floors Levine (2005) 382
kitchen,in synagogue Levine (2005) 142
pagan,pagans,communal meals Levine (2005) 142
parnas Levine (2005) 382
passover,sacrifice (in temple) Levine (2005) 142
passover,seder ritual Levine (2005) 142
petra,communal meals Levine (2005) 142
qumran,communal meals Levine (2005) 142
rava Levine (2005) 382
rome,therapeutae Levine (2005) 142
sacrifices,jerusalem temple Levine (2005) 142
stoa,triclinium' Levine (2005) 142
stobi synagogue,inscription Levine (2005) 142
stobi synagogue,triclinium Levine (2005) 142
syria,temples Levine (2005) 142