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Mishnah, Toharot, 9.4

nanOne who had finished [the gathering of his olives] and put aside one basketful, let him put it [in the container] in front of a priest, the words of Rabbi Meir. Rabbi Judah says: he must hand him over the key immediately. Rabbi Shimon says: within twenty-four hours."

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subject book bibliographic info
bread Gardner (2015) 75
charity supervisors Gardner (2015) 75
food,for sabbath Gardner (2015) 75
legumes Gardner (2015) 74
olives Gardner (2015) 74
omer Gardner (2015) 74
pondion Gardner (2015) 75
priests Gardner (2015) 74
quppa,archaeological finds Gardner (2015) 74, 75
quppa,as basket Gardner (2015) 74, 75
quppa,as charity fund Gardner (2015) 75
quppa,in greco-roman sources Gardner (2015) 75
tamhui,as soup kitchen Gardner (2015) 75
tithes Gardner (2015) 74
travellers Gardner (2015) 75
wheat' Gardner (2015) 75