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Mishnah, Toharot, 9.1

nanAt what stage do olives become susceptible to uncleanness?When they exude the moisture [produced] by [their lying in] the vat but not the one [produced while they are still] in the basket, according to the words of Bet Shammai. Rabbi Shimon says: the minimum time prescribed for proper exudation is three days. Bet Hillel says: as soon as three olives stick together. Rabban Gamaliel says: as soon as their preparation is finished, and the sages agree with his view."

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bread Gardner (2015) 75
charity supervisors Gardner (2015) 75
food,for sabbath Gardner (2015) 70, 75
legumes Gardner (2015) 74
olives Gardner (2015) 74
omer Gardner (2015) 74
pondion Gardner (2015) 75
priests Gardner (2015) 74
qearah Gardner (2015) 70
quppa,archaeological finds Gardner (2015) 74, 75
quppa,as basket Gardner (2015) 70, 74, 75
quppa,as charity fund Gardner (2015) 75
quppa,in greco-roman sources Gardner (2015) 75
sabbath Gardner (2015) 70
sal Gardner (2015) 70
saq Gardner (2015) 70
tamhui,as soup kitchen Gardner (2015) 75
tithes Gardner (2015) 74
travellers Gardner (2015) 75
wheat' Gardner (2015) 75