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Mishnah, Toharot, 8.7

nanThe outer parts of vessels that have contracted uncleanness from liquids: Rabbi Eliezer says: they defile liquids but they do not disqualify foods. Rabbi Joshua says: they defile liquids and also disqualify foods. Shimon the brother of Azariah says: neither this nor that. Rather, liquids that were defiled from the outer parts of vessels defile at one remove and disqualify at a second remove. It is as if it say, \"that which defiled you did not defile me but you have defiled me.\""

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biblical purity laws,derivation of rabbinic purity system from Balberg (2014) 30
graded system of impurity Balberg (2014) 30
heave-off ering (terumah) Balberg (2014) 30
josephus Balberg (2014) 196
liquids,transmission and duplication of impurity by Balberg (2014) 30, 196
milgrom,jacob Balberg (2014) 196
qumran and qumranic texts Balberg (2014) 30
transmission and contraction of impurity' Balberg (2014) 30