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Mishnah, Toharot, 8.2

nanOne who deposited vessels with an am haaretz they are unclean with corpse uncleanness and with midras uncleanness. If he knew that he eats terumah, they are free from corpse uncleanness but are unclean with midras uncleanness. Rabbi Yose says: if he deposited with him a chest full of clothes, they are deemed to be unclean with midras when they are tightly packed, but if they are not tightly packed they are only unclean with madaf uncleanness, even though the key is in the possession of the owner."

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bones Balberg (2014) 230, 231
boyarin,daniel,border lines Cohn (2013) 154
furstenberg,yair Balberg (2014) 230, 231
immersion Balberg (2014) 230
people of the land Balberg (2014) 230, 231
self,examination and scrutiny Balberg (2014) 231
seminal emissions Balberg (2014) 230, 231
skin discolorations/afflictions Balberg (2014) 231
thought (mahshava),role of in purity system Balberg (2014) 230, 231
visibility,implications of for im/purity' Balberg (2014) 231
visibility,implications of for im/purity Balberg (2014) 230