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Mishnah, Toharot, 7.8

nanOne who was clean and had given up the thought of eating [pure food]: Rabbi Judah says that it remains clean, since it is usual for unclean persons to keep away from it. But the sages say that it is deemed unclean. If his hands were clean and he had given up the thought of eating [pure food], even though he says, \"I know that my hands have not become unclean,\" his hands are unclean, since the hands are always busy."

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subject book bibliographic info
attention Balberg (2014) 166
bones Balberg (2014) 233
ethics Balberg (2014) 166
hands,impurity of,washing of Balberg (2014) 166
hands,impurity of Balberg (2014) 166
immersion Balberg (2014) 166
self,examination and scrutiny Balberg (2014) 166
seminal emissions Balberg (2014) 233
subject/ivity,(idealized) mishnaic subject Balberg (2014) 166
thought (mahshava),role of in purity system Balberg (2014) 233
visibility,implications of for im/purity' Balberg (2014) 233