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Mishnah, Toharot, 4.7

nanThese are the cases of doubtful uncleanness that the sages declared to be clean:A doubt concerning drawn water for a mikveh, A doubt concerning an object of uncleanness that floated upon the water. A doubt concerning liquids as to whether they have contracted uncleanness it is deemed unclean, but if it was whether uncleanness has been conveyed it is deemed clean. A doubt concerning the hands as to whether they have contracted uncleanness, have conveyed uncleanness or have attained cleanness, they are deemed clean. A doubt that arose in a public domain; A doubt concerning an ordinance of the scribes; A doubt concerning non-sacred food; A doubt concerning a sheretz; A doubt concerning negaim; A doubt concerning a nazirite vow; A doubt concerning a first-born; A doubt concerning sacrifices."

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acts of the apostles Goodman (2006) 86
authority,rabbinic Jaffee (2001) 94
authority,scribal Jaffee (2001) 94
authority,traditional Jaffee (2001) 94
ben sira Goodman (2006) 86
divrei soferim Jaffee (2001) 94
food,im/purity of' Balberg (2014) 201
gospels Goodman (2006) 86
halakhah,as modality of tradition Jaffee (2001) 94
levites Goodman (2006) 86
narrative,orality,ideological formulations of Jaffee (2001) 94
new testament Goodman (2006) 86
rabban gamaliel (i and ii) Jaffee (2001) 191
scribes,words of (divrei soferim) Jaffee (2001) 94
seleucids,charter for jerusalem Goodman (2006) 86
seleucids Goodman (2006) 86
temple in jerusalem Goodman (2006) 86