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Mishnah, Toharot, 4.3

nanA weasel that had in its mouth a [dead] sheretz or a dog that had carrion in its mouth and they passed between clean [persons] or if clean persons passed between them, their condition of doubt is deemed clean, since the uncleanness, had no resting place. If they were picking at them while these lay on the ground, and a person stated, \"I went to that place but I do not know whether I did or did not touch it,\"his condition of doubt is deemed unclean, since the uncleanness had a resting place."

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bones Balberg (2014) 232
seminal emissions Balberg (2014) 232
thought (mahshava),role of in purity system Balberg (2014) 232
visibility,implications of for im/purity' Balberg (2014) 232