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Mishnah, Toharot, 10.6

nanOne who was standing and speaking by the edge of the cistern and some spittle squirted from his mouth, and there arises the doubt whether it reached the cistern or not, the condition of doubt is regarded as clean."

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am ha-aretz Kosman (2012) 101
daughter of ben kalba sabua Kosman (2012) 101
lehmann,marcus Kosman (2012) 101
nationalistic spirit Kosman (2012) 101
romantic love Kosman (2012) 101
scholarly version,of the story of akiva and his mate Kosman (2012) 101
torah scholars,and the seclusive policy of the sages Kosman (2012) 101
torah scholars,as arrogant Kosman (2012) 101
torah scholars,hatred against them Kosman (2012) 101
torah scholars Kosman (2012) 101
tosafot ha-rosh' Kosman (2012) 101