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Mishnah, Toharot, 10.1

nanIf one locked in olive-workers in the olive-press and there were objects in there that had midras uncleanness: Rabbi Meir says: the olive-press is deemed to be unclean. Rabbi Judah says: the olive-press remains clean. Rabbi Shimon says: if they regard them as clean, the olive-press is deemed unclean; but if they regard them as unclean,the olive-press remains clean. Rabbi Yose: why are they unclean? Only because the am haaretz is not an expert in the laws of hesset."

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baqi Libson (2018) 145
expert Libson (2018) 145
expertise Libson (2018) 145
experts Libson (2018) 145
repentance' Libson (2018) 145