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Mishnah, Toharot, 1.4

nanThe hide, meat juice, sediment, dried-up meat, bones, sinews, horns and hooves join together [to make up the minimum quantity in order] to convey food-uncleanness, but not to [make up the minimum quantity in order to] convey nevelah-uncleanness. Similarly, if a man slaughtered an unclean animal for a Gentile and it still has convulsions, it can convey food-uncleanness, but it conveys nevelah-uncleanness only after it is dead, or its head has been chopped off. [Scripture] has [thus] made more cases that convey food-uncleanness than those that convey nevelah-uncleanness."

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animals Porton (1988) 70
aqiba Porton (1988) 115
associates (haverim) Jaffee (2001) 181
carrion Porton (1988) 70
cult Porton (1988) 70
qumran sect Jaffee (2001) 181
tosefta,in relation to mishnah' Jaffee (2001) 181