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Mishnah, Tamid, 3.3

nanHe said to them: Go out and bring a lamb from the chamber of lambs. Now the lamb’s chamber was in the north-western corner. And there were four chambers there the chamber of lambs, the chamber of the seals, the chamber of the fire-room and the chamber where the showbread was prepared."

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subject book bibliographic info
day of atonement ritual,in the hebrew bible Cohn (2013) 175
high priest Trudinger (2004) 15, 26
lordship of yahweh Trudinger (2004) 26
tamid service,components Trudinger (2004) 15, 26
tamid service,description Trudinger (2004) 15
tamid service,priests,role of Trudinger (2004) 15
tamid tractate,accuracy of Trudinger (2004) 26
tamid tractate,gaps in Trudinger (2004) 26
tamid tractate,in mishnah' Trudinger (2004) 15