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Mishnah, Sukkah, 4.8

nanThe Hallel and rejoicing are on all eight days: How is this so? This teaches that one is obligated for the Hallel, for rejoicing and for honoring the festival on the last day, just as he is on all the other days of the festival. The sukkah is for seven days. How so? Once he finished eating [his meal on the seventh day], he should not untie his sukkah, but he removes its contents from the time of minhah and onwards in honor of the last day of the festival."

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subject book bibliographic info
altar Rubenstein(1995) 89
christian scriptures,new testament Rubenstein(1995) 89
circumambulation Rubenstein(1995) 89
israel Rizzi (2010) 107
jerusalem (zion) Rizzi (2010) 107
jesus Rubenstein(1995) 89
nebuchadnezzar,babylonian king Rizzi (2010) 107
rome Rizzi (2010) 107
shmini aṣeret Rubenstein(1995) 89
siloam Rubenstein(1995) 89
temple Rubenstein(1995) 89
tibur,hadrians villa,canopus Rizzi (2010) 107
tibur,hadrians villa,piazza doro Rizzi (2010) 107
titus,roman emperor Rizzi (2010) 107
vespasian,roman emperor' Rizzi (2010) 107
water libation Rubenstein(1995) 89