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Mishnah, Sukkah, 3.7

nanThe minimum size of an etrog: Rabbi Meir says: the size of a nut. Rabbi Judah says: the size of an egg. The maximum [size] is such that two can be held in one hand, the words of Rabbi Judah. Rabbi Yose says, even one that can only be held with his two hands."

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akiba Rubenstein(1995) 200
albeck,h. Rubenstein(1995) 200
band Rubenstein(1995) 200
commandments Rubenstein(1995) 314
commemoration Rubenstein(1995) 315
desert Rubenstein(1995) 315
diaspora Rubenstein(1995) 314
eliezer Rubenstein(1995) 200
etrog,citron Rubenstein(1995) 200
harvest,ingathering Rubenstein(1995) 314
homily Rubenstein(1995) 314
lulav Rubenstein(1995) 200, 314, 315
myrtle Rubenstein(1995) 200
rain Rubenstein(1995) 314, 315
shavuot Rubenstein(1995) 314, 315
shmini aṣeret Rubenstein(1995) 315
sukka Rubenstein(1995) 315
symbol Rubenstein(1995) 314
temple Rubenstein(1995) 315
willow' Rubenstein(1995) 200