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Mishnah, Sukkah, 3.6

nanIf a rash spread out on a majority of it, or if its pitom is removed, if it is peeled, split, or perforated so that any part is missing, it is invalid. If a rash spread out on a lesser part of it, if its stem was missing, or if it is perforated but no part of it is missing, it is valid. An etrog [which is black] as an Ethiopian is invalid. An etrog which is green as a leek: Rabbi Meir declares it valid And Rabbi Judah declares it invalid."

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subject book bibliographic info
akiba Rubenstein(1995) 200, 201
albeck,h. Rubenstein(1995) 200
band Rubenstein(1995) 200, 201, 202
eliezer Rubenstein(1995) 200, 201
etrog,citron Rubenstein(1995) 200, 201, 202
lulav Rubenstein(1995) 200, 201, 202
men of jerusalem Rubenstein(1995) 201
myrtle Rubenstein(1995) 200, 202
sabbath Rubenstein(1995) 201, 202
synagogue Rubenstein(1995) 201
temple Rubenstein(1995) 201
willow' Rubenstein(1995) 202
willow Rubenstein(1995) 200