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Mishnah, Sukkah, 3.4

nanRabbi Ishmael says: three hadasim, two aravot, one lulav and one etrog, even if two [of the hadasim] have their tips broken off and [only] one is whole. Rabbi Tarfon says: even if all three have their tips broken off. Rabbi Akiva says: just as there is one lulav and one etrog, so too only one hadas and one aravah."

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subject book bibliographic info
akiba Rubenstein(1995) 200
albeck,h. Rubenstein(1995) 200
atonement Klawans (2009) 191
band Rubenstein(1995) 200
eliezer Rubenstein(1995) 200
etrog,citron Rubenstein(1995) 200
lulav Rubenstein(1995) 200
myrtle Rubenstein(1995) 200
ritual purity,of temple,according to rabbis Klawans (2009) 191
theft' Klawans (2009) 191
willow Rubenstein(1995) 200