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Mishnah, Sukkah, 3.15

nanA woman may receive [a lulav] from her son or from her husband and put it back in water on Shabbat. Rabbi Judah says: on Shabbat they may be put it back [into the water in which they were previously kept], on a festival day [water] may be added, and on the intermediate days [of the festival the water] may also be changed. A minor who knows how to shake [the lulav] is obligated [to take] the lulav.

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band Rubenstein(1995) 202
coins Rubenstein(1995) 197
etrog,citron Rubenstein(1995) 197, 202
fox,h. Rubenstein(1995) 198
hallel Rubenstein(1995) 197, 198
josephus Rubenstein(1995) 197
lulav Rubenstein(1995) 197, 198, 202
men of jerusalem Rubenstein(1995) 197
myrtle Rubenstein(1995) 197, 202
sabbath Rubenstein(1995) 202
temple Rubenstein(1995) 197
willow' Rubenstein(1995) 202