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Mishnah, Sukkah, 3.14

nanRabbi Yose says: if the first day of the festival fell on Shabbat, and he forgot and carried out his lulav into the public domain, he is not liable, since he brought it out while under the influence [of a religious act]."

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subject book bibliographic info
band Rubenstein(1995) 202
etrog,citron Rubenstein(1995) 202
hallel Rubenstein(1995) 155
lieberman,s. Rubenstein(1995) 155
lulav Rubenstein(1995) 155, 202
men of jerusalem Rubenstein(1995) 155
myrtle Rubenstein(1995) 202
prayer Rubenstein(1995) 155
sabbath Rubenstein(1995) 155, 202
synagogue Rubenstein(1995) 155
willow' Rubenstein(1995) 202