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Mishnah, Sukkah, 2.8

nanWomen, slaves and minors are exempt from the [commandment] of the sukkah. A minor who no longer relies on his mother is obligated in the [commandment] of the sukkah. It happened that the daughter-in-law of Shammai the elder gave birth and he opened up the ceiling and put skhakh on top of the bed[posts] on behalf of the minor."

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subject book bibliographic info
divorce Libson (2018) 115
exempla,rabbis Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
exemplars,ambiguous Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
exemplars,rabbis as Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
formulations,apodictic,sukkah eating/drinking Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
gamliel,r.,as exemplar Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
gangplank story,sukkah Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
parturient' Libson (2018) 115
protection Rubenstein(1995) 206
rabbinic behavior Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
rabbis,exemplars Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
rabbis,extreme behaviors Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
rabbis,stringencies Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
sabbath Libson (2018) 115
shammai,as exemplar Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
shammai Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
skhakh Rubenstein(1995) 206
sukka Rubenstein(1995) 206
sukkah stories Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
symbol Rubenstein(1995) 206
temple Rubenstein(1995) 206
walls Rubenstein(1995) 206
yohanan ben zakkai,r.,as exemplar Simon-Shushan (2012) 141
zadok,r. Simon-Shushan (2012) 141