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Mishnah, Sukkah, 1.7

nanA [wooden] roof that has no plastering: Rabbi Judah says: Bet Shammai say that he should loosen [the planks] and remove one from between each two. And Bet Hillel say he should either loosen [the planks] or remove one from between two. Rabbi Meir says, he removes one from between two, but he does not loosen [the planks]."

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albeck,h. Rubenstein(1995) 213
beams Rubenstein(1995) 207, 213, 263
commandments Rubenstein(1995) 213
epstein,j.n. Rubenstein(1995) 207
fox,h. Rubenstein(1995) 207
halivni,david weiss Rubenstein(1995) 207, 213
intention Rubenstein(1995) 213
jesus Rubenstein(1995) 263
josephus Rubenstein(1995) 213
joy,rejoicing Rubenstein(1995) 263
maimonides Rubenstein(1995) 207
neusner,j. Rubenstein(1995) 207, 213
pharisees Rubenstein(1995) 207
protection Rubenstein(1995) 206, 263
shade Rubenstein(1995) 263
skhakh Rubenstein(1995) 206, 207, 213, 263
sleeping Rubenstein(1995) 263
sukka Rubenstein(1995) 206, 207, 213, 263
symbol Rubenstein(1995) 206, 263
temple Rubenstein(1995) 206
walls' Rubenstein(1995) 206