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Mishnah, Sukkah, 1.10

nanIf [the roof of] a house is opened, and he placed skhakh over it, if there is a distance of four cubits from the wall to the covering, it is invalid. Similarly in the case of a courtyard which is surrounded by columns. A large sukkah which was surrounded with material which is invalid for skhakh, if there is a space of four cubits beneath it, it is invalid."

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subject book bibliographic info
beams Rubenstein(1995) 205
erubin Avery Peck et al. (2014) 279
ezra Rubenstein(1995) 205
impurity from death Avery Peck et al. (2014) 279
josephus Rubenstein(1995) 205
jubilees Rubenstein(1995) 205
kilayim Avery Peck et al. (2014) 279
muhammad Avery Peck et al. (2014) 279
ohalot Avery Peck et al. (2014) 279
philo Rubenstein(1995) 205
qaraites Rubenstein(1995) 205
sabbath boundary Avery Peck et al. (2014) 279
shade Rubenstein(1995) 215
skhakh Rubenstein(1995) 205, 215
sukka Rubenstein(1995) 205, 215
sukkah' Avery Peck et al. (2014) 279
temple Rubenstein(1995) 205
trees Rubenstein(1995) 215
walls Rubenstein(1995) 205, 215