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Mishnah, Shekalim, 8.8

nanThe limbs of the daily burnt-offering were placed on the half of the ramp [to the altar] downwards on the west side. Those of the additional offering (musaf) were placed on the half of the ramp downwards on the east side. While those of the new moon offerings were placed on top of the rim of the altar. [The laws of] the shekels and of the first-fruit are in force only when the Temple stands, but [the laws of] the tithe of grain and of the tithe of cattle and of the firstborn are in force both when the Temple exists and when the Temple does not exist. One who dedicates shekels or first-fruits [when the Temple does not exist], they are holy. Rabbi Shimon says: one who says “the first-fruit be holy,” they are not holy."

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