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Mishnah, Shekalim, 7.5

nanIn olden times they used to take a pledge from any one who had found such a [stray] animal, until he brought its libation-offerings. Then people would leave the animal and run away. So the court decreed that its libation-offerings should come from public funds."

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subject book bibliographic info
boethusians Cohn (2013) 169
boyarin,daniel,border lines Cohn (2013) 169
children Porton (1988) 53
cult Porton (1988) 53
dangerous gentile Porton (1988) 53
day of atonement Porton (1988) 53
drink-offering Porton (1988) 53
halakhah,as modality of tradition' Jaffee (2001) 76
halakhah,as modality of tradition Jaffee (2001) 187
rabban gamaliel (i and ii) Jaffee (2001) 76
tosefta,in relation to mishnah Jaffee (2001) 76