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Mishnah, Shekalim, 6.4

nanThere were thirteen tables in the Temple:Eight of marble in the place of slaughtering and on them they would rinse the entrails. And two to the west of the ramp [which ascends the altar], one of marble and one of silver; on that of marble they would place the limbs [of the offerings], and on that of silver the ministering vessels. And there were two tables in the Porch on the inside of the entrance to the Temple, one of marble and the other of gold; on that of marble they would place the showbread placed when it was brought in, and on that of gold [they would place the showbread] when it was taken out, because things sacred may be raised [in honor] but not lowered. And there was one [table] of gold on the inside of the Sanctuary on which the showbread lay continually."

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greed,alleged of priests Klawans (2009) 178
high priesthood Klawans (2009) 178
moral defilement,of land or temple,in rabbinic literature Klawans (2009) 178
ritual purity,of temple,according to rabbis' Klawans (2009) 178