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Mishnah, Shekalim, 4.5

nanWhat was done with the surplus of the incense?They would separate from it the wages of the craftsmen, and they would exchange it for the wages of the craftsmen, and they would give it to the craftsmen as their wages, and then they would buy it back again out of a new appropriation. If the new month had arrived in time they would bring it with the new appropriation, but if not, they from the old one."

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subject book bibliographic info
agrippa ii Gordon (2020) 177
akeldama Gordon (2020) 177
antiochus iii Gordon (2020) 177
hekdesh Gordon (2020) 177
heliodorus Gordon (2020) 177
high priest Trudinger (2004) 18, 26
judah maccabee Gordon (2020) 177
judea,in the early roman period Gordon (2020) 177
lordship of yahweh Trudinger (2004) 26
pontius pilate Gordon (2020) 177
qorban and the qorban fund Gordon (2020) 177
sacred land,in judea,of the jerusalem temple Gordon (2020) 177
shekel tax Gordon (2020) 177
tamid service,components Trudinger (2004) 18, 26
tamid service,description Trudinger (2004) 18
tamid tractate,accuracy of Trudinger (2004) 26
tamid tractate,gaps in Trudinger (2004) 18, 26
tamid tractate,in mishnah' Trudinger (2004) 18
temple,in jerusalem,collectivization of wealth at Gordon (2020) 177
temple,in jerusalem,economy of Gordon (2020) 177